I've only very recently become interested in mapping, and I am (slowly) teaching myself how use GIMP. This is my second attempt at mapping, or for that matter drawing anything in GIMP. I was hoping for some feedback, or criticism.

My first attempt used the excellent tutorial for realistic mapping, you can see the results in the thread below:


I decided that for my second attempt, I would try something different. To that end, I made a city map. I wanted this to be stylized rather than realistic - it is definitely not meant to be to scale. Rather, the buildings are supposed to represent the type of district. For instance, small huts on stilts are the poorest housing.

Most of the map is constructed using the path tool, and various calligraphy brushes. Obviously, I am very new to this, so there are some parts that are a bit sloppy...but tell me what you think, or if you have any comments.

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