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Thread: Tavern map, please (2 floors+cellar)

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    Default Tavern map, please (2 floors+cellar)

    hi guys!
    im i need of a tavern map. i must say that any style of work would do great, from the simple "quare like" to more complex ones. any one would be great!

    so, some details:

    the Sea Troll tavern is a small but famous place. it is set near the docks (no need for the area map, just the tavern).
    for the first floor, i would need:
    -tables and benches (for any number of people. it can range from 2, to 6, or what you guys think it fits better).
    -the counter and some shelves behind it (for the good beverage )
    -a fireplace
    -spiral stairs to second floor
    -stairs for the cellar
    -3 rooms (one for the owner, one for his daughter, and one for 2 wenches)

    second floor
    -rooms (singles, doubles and for "lots of people" (i believe its called "commom room")
    -the chimney for the fireplace on the 1st floor

    -small cellar, just for some barrels and some meat.

    well, i think this is it
    any sugestion would be great (like, pillars, bathroom and such)

    thanks in advance!
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