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    Help Warhammer 40K Campaign Map


    I know that im new to this place but I figured i'd give it a shot anyways. My friends and myself are working on a campaign for Warhammer 40K to be set on a mysterious planet just emerged from the Warp, the amount of players is as of yet unknown. What I was thinking of was a large map (2000x2000?) with one major land mass and perhaps an island or two but not too far off from the mainland. The thought here is that a hexagon overlay can be made later to divide the map into play hexes for the players to conquer. Because this would be an entire planet the edges of the map would preferably made of water, no cities or roads are required at this time either seeing were not sure wether or not they exist on the planet yet. Color scheme is free to be picked as it can be a planet of almost any flavor (Purple water, no problem!)
    Anyways, turns out im far more demanding that I thought I would be >.> Any and all offers for aid would be greatly appreciated. I've been tinkering around with some of the tutorials myself but I always seem to cock up somewhere along the way, which is frustrating otherwise I'd have one in no time

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    I'm trying to setup a game on roll20. Possibly a campaign game, more likely to be a tactical game with some rollplay.

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