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    Hi guys,

    I run a browser based game development company. Our latest game will involve the use of several maps. There will be three different types of maps required, but lots of seperate images. I will explain:

    I will need a world map. This will be a fairly large image. Perhaps 1000x1000px. Something along the lines of

    Then, for each "region", we will need a map. Something along the lines of

    Then for each town, or forest, whatever we will need a map along the lines of

    I understand this is a lot of work, and our image budget is several thousand dollars so if you are interested in doing one or more of the different types of maps then please let me know. There will be 1 world map. Approx 10 region maps and approx 50 "location" maps. Plus we will add content to the game, so this is a long term freelance opportunity. Please post links to examples of your work and to anyone who fits the profile, we can discuss prices etc.


    EDIT: The maps above merely show the scale of the map required. The style of your work can differ widely to ultra-realistic to almost cartoon like. I will consider anyone who wants to take on the project.
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