So, as I continue to review old threads in search of new (to me) and exciting cartography, I was looking at gamerprinter's Veil Vale thread about using layers as contours. Anyway, toward the end, a few people commented on Ravenloft and Strahd, etc.

And I got to thinking--

I think that anyone who was familiar, and who played 1st ed Dnd, believed that Ravenloft was one of the best modules of all time. [I believe it was voted in the top five in some sort of poll/contest/something-or-other.] I believe that one of the reasons for that was the cartography. The isometric maps of his castle were (to my knowledge) some of the first and best uses of "3D" in module mapping. I think that the original still holds up as a fantastic map.

So I was HORRIBLY disappointed when WotC released the Ravenloft hardbound sometime in the last year or few to see that the maps in that supplement fell way short. There wasn't a single, large map of the whole castle (admitted difficult in a hardbound); the maps weren't isometric; and... (I could go on.)

I really feel that they dropped the ball. What do the rest of you think?