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Thread: Second level of Shadowfell Keep with Sketchup

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    Map Second level of Shadowfell Keep with Sketchup

    Keep Lvl 2 Floorplan NM.skpClick image for larger version. 

Name:	Room 30ft x 40ft with well.jpg 
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    After much hair pulling and experimentation I have finally figured out how to print my Sketchup dungeons as battle maps at a consistent scale. If you can size the view window to a known size, you can export a 2d png at a known ppi. I used 400 ppi, and was able to get a resulting pic between 398 and 403 ppi, which is more that close enough when working at a 1 inch equals 5 ft scale. You can see that by splitting out items as components and striking a line of a known distance next to each, I can use this line to resize (zoom) the window so that the line extends all the way across. This gives me a known distance that I can plug into the export settings. The resulting picture can be cleaned up (I just cropped and converted to jpg to save size) in photoshop easily. Now that this almost showstopper has been figured out I can hunt for some better textures and work on details. Does anyone have any pointers to some good dungeon textures for things like floors, walls, and common dungeon items? If anyone needs it I can provide a better writeup of the workflow I used to finally make this work. Im just a bit time press at the moment..... Well shoot. My file is too big to upload. Later tonight maybe I can clip some out as an example, or provide a link.

    Has anyone else found a way to print scaled battlemaps from sketchup?

    Edit: Added my Sketchup file and an example of a room.
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