Working on a new world for a D&D game, this map's in the early stages of it's development. and I'm going to shoot for a Tolkeinesque feel to it, so I'm sketching the symbols out by hand with a dip-pen and converting them into a digital medium.

I've been digging the tutorials here as well, I'm definately going to be going through some of them for inspiration!

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I've got the shape of the landmass picked out, and some rivers. I'm not sure how many I want in the end, but It probably won't be much more than that.

I used clouds in photoshop, duplicated the layer, set to hard mix. On the bottom cloud layer, I used the burn and dodge tool to 'raise' and 'lower' the land (in a sense). I dodged a ways around the outside of the center of the canvas to island it off. Merged the layers, copied, and gave the new layer an inside stroke of 2 pixels.