Better late than never, right?

I had considered two possible ideas for this competition. This was my first idea, and after spending a little time on the second idea, came back to this one. I decided to have a map depicting the travels of Gunnar Mapmakr, and he and his viking-ish crew first discovered and then briefly explored the land than named Eiskanderlund. Being new here, I have to say this map has gotten a few wonderful changes as I've been reading tutorials and looking at all the other entries in this months contest. So, the map is coming along, but much like the early parts of Gunnar's epic journey, at this point I'm still not sure where I'm going, but I know I'll get there.

More specifically, I've been trying layer masks based on the excellent tutorial I found here. Other than that, I am mostly using my tried and true techniques for now. I do tend to like large map sizes and high resolutions, so forgive me if you are on dial-up connections. The full map is a 300 dpi map, at 2750x2750 pixels, weighing in at a bit over 11 MB. If that's a problem, I can trim it down. Otherwise I just have this thumbnail here, and the full size that's linked to it.

I look forward to your feedback.