It's come up a couple of times that we should have a thread where we can post terms related to maps and cartography. I recently ran across a new word, so it seemed like a good time to make one. A thread, that is. So, without further ado, my new word is:

Hachure: Short lines attached to, and perpendicular with a contour line usually used to indicate a depression contour.

Hachures were used extensively by Pete Fenlon in his maps of Middle Earth, published for the Middle Earth RolePlaying Game by ICE.

Neatline: Line separating the body of a map from the map margin. On a standard quadrangle map, the neatlines are the meridians and parallels delimiting the quadrangle.

Rhumb Line: A line on the surface of the earth that crosses all meridians at a constant angle.

Rhumb Lines are often referred to as "navigation lines."

Graticule: A network of parallels and meridians on a map or chart.

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