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Thread: Bridge crossing in the Daitengu Pass, from the Gift...

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    Default Bridge crossing in the Daitengu Pass, from the Gift...

    Here's a recent addition to maps needed for the first adventure for my Kaidan: a Japanese Ghost Story. This is a bridge crossing for an encounter with a hebi-no-onna (snake woman) and the PC party. She's an ongoing threat throughout the first adventure, and she has set a trap that will cause a twenty foot section (the area between the sets of posts at center) to fall.

    There is a lost salt-water crocodile in the river below to add some extra fun in this encounter.

    My usual hand-drawn map, digitally scanned, imported to Xara Xtreme Pro, then the beveled shapes and drop shadows created to match the hand work. Finally I imported my hand-drawn trees from ages ago to finish the map. I used a repeating image of the water surface as the final layer over the river to simulate some wave action or at least refraction in the water.

    I still need to create a few more maps for adventure 1, before I venture into the maps for adventure two.

    It looks like the first adventure will include about 12 maps in total, making this product map heavy - of course, since it's my project, how could you expect anything else!



    Click image for larger version. 

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    Nice, I love those trees.
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    That water looks amazing, GP! Should be a really fun encounter to play, as well

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    I really love this style of battlemap. It's clean, but detailed enough to be representative. I like the cartoonist-painted-hand-drawn look for a battle mat.

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    Awesome !!
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