Okay, this has been bugging me long enough........

What happened to our avatars? Is it just me and my computers, or have the Avatars gotten blown up to double (?) what they used to be? At least that is what it looks like to me.

I ask 'cause it has been bugging me a bit , and I wonder if we need to redo the images.......that and it looks a little bit ....mm....amaturish (if you will forgive the use of that term) on a site that is dedicated to visual presentation of our work (not that my offering have been too heavy of late, more of non-existant actually)

I know that my tone might be a bit harsh, but I really like this place and want it to always put its best face forward. I am sure that it is no ones express doing or intent, but I would like to either see it fixed or know what the new dimensions are for the avatars.

K, that rant should get it out of my system.....carry on