I thought the city maker's asylum was for crazy people. That was before I was committed to the font maker's asylum. The people there take madness to another level.

I had no idea how clever the human eye/brain was at spotting things that look wrong with font forms. I think it has something to do with being familiar with letterforms from childhood. I'm now on the fourth iteration of the font I want to make, and minuscule errors stand large which has meant I have had to scrap everything and start again, 3 times so far. The tolerance, so far as I can see is within a 10th of a mm between something looking right or wrong.. so... it's tough. Damn tough. You need to be a king of the pen tool (I'm learning fast), there's none of this 'happy accident' stuff, (it's right or it's wrong) and the tolerance between right and wrong is tiny. You can't fake effects with colour or clever pictures to hide your mistakes....it's pitiless.

Damned if I'm going to be beaten though, so you may not hear a lot from me for awhile.