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    Default Dark Warriors MMO Map

    This one was done for the online browser game Dark Warriors. It's the world map for the game and also acts as the board as the players progress from the starting town out into the world.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    It's a continuation of the style that I started with the Rhune map. I had a lot of fun with the city icons, and the colours in the sea. The icons are also spot art within the game and were rendered separately at 300 by 300. If you're interested you can check those out on my blog (they're not really map stuff per se).

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    It looks great. I especially like the bowl like area of the town in the southern region on the west side. The one nestled in the midst of a ring of mountains. That and I love the buildings and the docks.
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    Awesome as usual, Torstan. I simply love this style.

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    Yeah, I like the oversized towns, the technique looks great. Nice job.

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    The fir forest looks perfect and I love the stylized smoke wisps from the chimneys. Oh, and the buildings are cool.
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    Sir, one again I am in envy of you handdrawing skills, those mountains look great and the buildings are awesome, bravo!

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    Very much enjoyed that map - mountains and shadows is what does it for me!

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