Not really a mapping question, but my google-fu is failing me and there are a lot of smart people around here.

Microsoft, in their infinite wisdom, has decided to load EVERYONE's computer with about 100 fonts (I'm really not joking here) of non-latin script. Around 45 of these will delete easily from the Fonts folder. The others are "system" fonts and won't go away.

A little google-fu and the solution was to delete them from the registry. Sure, this will make windows a little baffled if for some reason I decide to load a ton of Mandarin onto my screen, but as there is zero chance of me doing that, I'm not worried. They disappeared from the fonts folder after a reboot and I was happy.

Then I opened GIMP. They are STILL THERE!!!!! I am sick to *^&*( of having to look through dozens of fonts for languages I don't understand in order to find the ones I actually use. Does anyone know how to get rid of the darned things???