I've always been fascinated by maps, real and imaginary, historical and modern, but never had a need to create my own until now. I recently started running my own Pathfinder campaign after many years of RPG experience from the player side, and I discovered that many published modules and adventures have beautiful maps that are difficult or impossible to show to the players, because they contain spoilers, or are simply too small to be useful in a tabletop campaign. I'd like the players to have something nice to look at, and of course, when I start my own fantasy setting I will need maps for that.

While searching the web for resources I stumbled in here, and I was completely blown away by the quality of the featured maps and the tutorials. I even felt inspired to pull my Wacom tablet out of the box where it's been languishing since my last move a year ago. (Now, if I can just find the pen...)

For my first project, I plan to re-do the regional hexmaps from the Kingmaker Adventure Path in a more authentically medieval style and without spoilers.