I figured something out, oh, I don't know about a month ago, that I should have known about a year ago. I wouldn't say anything except it might help someone else coming along the same path.

If you use a scanner to import your drawings you always have that annoying white background that isn't much help. Personally, I like to strip all my lines off of that background and put them on their own transparent layer. This used to involve me trying to select all the white areas and delete them. That always left a bit of white fuzz around the actual pencil lines. I was left with having to delete by hand or use the grow tool and shave off portions of my sketch. Alas, what a noob!

'Color to Alpha' is your friend. Now it may have been explained at some point but I missed it until I stumbled upon it. By selecting "Colors>Color to Alpha..." you can strip out every bit of white that is left over from your scan. It's very clean and does a wonderful job especially if you have already tweaked the contrast of your image. If you had other colors you wanted to be rid as well, just select the proper color within the "Color to Alpha" pop-up and bang, you are done.

It makes me wonder what else I'm doing the hard way. Sheesh!!