I saw a reference to the site over at ENworld, and thought I'd check it out.

I'm a sucker for a good world building resource, but so many of those I find online are little more than long forgotten directories of broken links to pages that no longer exist.

I've been designing worlds in my mind for about 15 years now, but have almost nothing 'on paper' to show for it. I'd like to change that (either through my own mapping efforts or through commisioned maps from someone who can better illuminate the worlds I envision) and start getting some of what I feel are my better ideas out of my head and into a more shareable form. Most of them are pet projects, but I have hopes that a couple might be worthy of a minor commercial venture.

I've got a ton of questions that I think a community like this can, and probably already has, answer. I look forward to browsing past discussions and participating in future ones. Thanks!