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    Post Middle Earth DEM Project

    Hi, monks from ME-DEM here.

    This is a series of zooms taken in World Machine Pro 2.0 beta's Explorer mode (in which you get to fly about your terrain!). The terrain is the Misty Mountains from J.R.R Tolkien's Lord of the Rings (modelled for the ME-DEM Project):,1/

    It's kinda modelled on the European Alps via networks of ridges and valleys.

    The first zoom is rough but this should give you a sense of the scale of this range. It's around the same length as the Alps as it happens. Imagine the areas around the range fully modelled, hills, river courses, forests, etc

    In the next shot we start to see the macro structure. I've still some work to do on those- such as making certain areas higher in elevation than others- not just differentiating elevation along networks. The area around Moria (Caradhras, et al) will be more discernible as a bulge.
    Also, getting the river valleys and rivers to flow naturally into the surrounding and will really help knit the terrain scene together-. Control over river flow is one of the aims.
    The eastern flank (top) should rise dramatically from the plain. The western slopes will tumble down more gradually by way of the Ettenmoors, Trollshaws, etc.

    The flat area to the north going off screen is the area prepped for the Grey Mts, be dragons.

    As you can see the valleys tend to be a uniform altitude which is wrong really- that's next on the list: finish off valleys.

    This is a nice area.

    Coming in to land!

    The aim is to integrate this terrain into a huge map. Hope you like!
    Merry Crimbo!

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