A couple days ago I am pretty sure I saw a post of someone's map here that had a paragraph including a link to a map on another site which theirs was based upon. I thought I had bookmarked it or saved it to my favs but...nope. I also thought it was a necro'd thread as well. I dug all over the place but after a couple hours gave up.

I'm kicking myself for not even remembering the name of the map or any sort of details. I just remember I really liked the way it was done. Reminded me a lot of Ramah's style but in black & white. It was a very excellently done black and white map (greyscale really) and I thought they had it in some sort of application that allowed you to scroll around through the map on the website but I'm not sure. I must have found it just before I had to leave the house and figured I'd get back to it later.

Anyway, I know that's a pretty horrible description to go on hence the thread Title. If this rings a bell with anyone I would love to take a look at that map again.

Thanks in advance.