Village of Agoya, Isle of Yonshu, Empire of Kaidan - this is my last map required for adventure 1: The Gift - Curse of the Golden Spear.

A band of nobushi (bandits) have been hired by the primary protagonist of the first adventure, a Hebi-no-onna or snake armed woman oni. She has been tasked by her senior oni demon to acquire the Golden Spear carried by the PC party, which they are escorting for delivery to Tsue-jo, and Lord Hachiwara, for the merchant they are accompanying.

It will be a large battle, though most of the nobushi are 1st level bandits, with one leader type the same level as the PCs (5th level). The village militia on the walls will do much of the fighting, until the bandits breach the walls and enter the village to which the PC party will be the main assault group in the square.

Used the good ole' City Map Generator for a rough of the village layout, then added/removed buildings from the rough, and printed out to 18 x 24 inches, placed tracing paper over and hand-drew all the structures and other line work. This was scanned in two pieces on my large format flatbed scanner. Imported to Xara Xtreme, composited, and finished with all beveled shapes, colors, roof structures, drop shadows, and labeling.



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