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Thread: Asteroidal Pirate Caves - 3D experiment...

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    Wip Asteroidal Pirate Caves - 3D experiment...

    I was intrigued with RobA's sci-fi Pirate Cave entry for the December challenge - I mentioned the idea of working in 3D to create pirate cave on an asteroid, was something that crossed my mind.

    Of course, 4 hours is impossible for most 3D projects, so I'm trying this outside the challenge.

    Now this "map" is really a 3D 3/4 view of the pirate station and cave system. More like a 3D model than a map, but I'll pursue this just the same. Actually creating the asteroid, caves and cutaway view is actually easier than creating the structure and furnished chambers - so I thought I'd start on the hard stuff first, to get it out of the away for the rest of the project.

    All I created here are "crew quarters" area of the pirate station. I plan to create a galley/dining area/recreation room, an operations center, armory, stolen goods treasury chamber, powerplant, life support, infirmary and pirate ship bays/maintenance area.

    Finally I'll create the asteroid itself, with internal caves and then I'll place the structure within this and cut-away to expose what I plan to show.

    Again this is totally experimental and I may eventually steer away from 3/4 views and stick aerial view maps, I just wanted to try this...

    WIP so far...

    Ravs mentioned in a past post, that mappers always seem to forget the toilet facilities on starships, with this in mind, I created a "mobile home shower unit" where the toilet is actually inside the shower. I created "fold away toilet seat" notice down position on left side crew quarters, vs. the "ready to use toilet seat folded out" in the right side crew quarters...
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