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Thread: Looking to hire a cartographer

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    Question Looking to hire a cartographer

    Hey guys. I am an author in the final stages of publishing a fantasy-themed novel and found this site while researching map options. A number of the cartographers here have put together really beautiful work, but what I do not know is if any of them do paid projects. I would like to have two high quality, sepia-toned maps of the geography I created within the novel for marketing material. I have hand-drawn maps of highly dubious quality to use as reference.

    Please advise further.
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    Go to the 'Mapmaking request' sub-forum to look for a cartographer. Or write me an email: contact (at) fantasy-map (dot) net. I have made maps for several novels. Look at my signature for examples.

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    There is a sticky in the Mapmaking request thread near the bottom of the forums which has directions to help with posting a request. There are several here who would be happy to respond and Sapiento is certainly one of the capable ones.
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    Hey There Shinran,

    Please take a look at my professional site at, I am a professional cartographer who works for a number of larger clients in the field. I'd be happy to discuss the project further if you are interested in my work, just shoot me an email.

    Here are a couple links to my work on this site as well to give you a couple more examples of how i work and such.

    Thanks, and i look forward to hearing from you.
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