I have these fond memories of when I was a kid--on these big community picnics my family used to go on, they would always cover the tables in thick white paper. After the meal, my father would invariably draw out the heavy silver pen he used to carry in his pocket and have me make a quick scribble on watermelon-stained makeshift tablecloth. Then he would take the pen back, consider for a moment, and turn my scribble into an entirely different drawing, incorporating my lines into a car or a plane, a series of mountains or a mermaid. I really enjoyed that act of participating in the creation of a piece of art that was more than just mine.

I propose a strange twist on the regular challenge--a collaborative map.

Link up with another artist or contributor (perhaps someone on The Cartographer's Guild or someone you know in real life) and get to mapping! The only requirement is that you make notes in the thread about how each person has contributed.

--What is that friends list in your profile actually FOR anyway? Time to send them some messages and see who wants to team up!
--Have a son or daughter who likes to doodle? Have them draw some floorplans and you can pretty it up!
--Have a girlfriend or wife who can't understand why you spend so much time clutching a wacom pen, squinting into a photoshop window? Time to let her contribute!

I bet it would be fun grouping up in the main thread and then seeing how collaboration goes on throughout the month. Also, seeing two artists try to reconcile their differing styles would be a blast.