I’m very pleased to announce a partnership I’ve been working on with the excellent guys over at Kobold Quarterly. The Giant’s Meadhall is now available as a map pack on RPGNow!

As with all my previous map packs this pack comes with:

• High res jpgs (at 100px per square) with and without grid for use in any VTT or to be printed out at your local print shop as a poster map.
• Multi-page pdfs that can be printed out for you to use at the game table – in both colour and printer friendly greyscale.
• Maptool campaign files with light and vision built in for both 4.0 and Pathfinder rules.

Here’s a preview of the map:

The map originally appeared in Kobold Quarterly #16 along with “Beer Run” by Christina Stiles – a 5th level beer heist adventure for Pathfinder. The map could also be the stronghold of a viking clan, or the setting for your very own Grendel.

You can find this pack and other Fantastic Maps map packs on my RPGNow store.