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Thread: Me and My First Map - Hello!

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    Default Me and My First Map - Hello!

    Hey all. This is Shinobicow. I'm new here. I have been a gamer for a loooongg time and now I write about them a lot more than I play them. I run The Dump Stat a blog about RPG's and optimizing your gaming experience. I also post semi-frequently on Stargazer's Wolrd, where i do reviews and talk about world building.

    I am pretty new to mapping digitally; i live in Japan and map on a netbook with a mouse (no awesome programs or gadgets here). But, since we are doing intros, i thought I would post my first map here. I hope people have some comments and tips on making it better. I'm here to learn


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    Welcome Aboard!
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    Interesting. The painterly ocean works pretty well the vivid colors on land. You might want to read up on rivers - in our tutorial section we have plenty of advice on that area. Welcome to The Guild.
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    Hiya Shinobicow, and welcome to the Guild! Also, have some rep for posting a map in your very first post

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    Oooh. Thanks for the Rep. That's cool. I will check out the rivers section. Seems like a good idea to me. I want to put in some more work on the map that I posted and hopefully get into more detail. It is a really big one, so hopefully, I'll be able to work on smaller stuff and eventually get it printed... gulp. Long way to go though.

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    Well, posting a map with your first post is always a good way to get some well deserved rep, so have some more.

    Yeah, there are some river violations but reading up on them would sort them out I think.

    After you work on this a bit more, start a WIP (Work In Progress) thread in the World/Regional Map section of the WIP forum. You will get ooodles more C&C over there, And don't be shy about asking any questions there either. We don't bite, and most of the advice is intended to turn your work into a great map.

    Have fun and welcome to the Guild, The Mappiest Place on the Web.
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    Cool. I'll head over there and get some feedback. I need to check out that rivers thread. I kind of just threw them on where I felt they might be interesting.

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    Welcome to the Guild!

    Yep, best check that river thread, lest the River Police issue you a citation!
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