Hello everybody!

I've been following the forums for quite some time now, reading tutorials, admiring other people's maps and drawing maps of my own.
Now I think the moment has come to show my most advanced mapping project to date, this map right here:

Click image for larger version. 

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This is about the 8th version of a map/worldbuilding project I've pursued for the last 4 years. As the world evolved in my head and my notes the map began to expand and shift shapes, forcing me to redesign it at least 50 times. Finally I got over myself and decided to let Fractal Terrains draw the coastline, 'cause I an just incapable of doing really realistic landmasses. Now I think I found the right shape and size to incorporate all the numerous ideas I've got for the world I'm building, which I intend to use for a fantasy novel some time.

It's a high fantasy world with a very noir touch to it, meaning it's all grand in scope but very human and realistic in the details. I'm trying to let that reflect in my maps. There are three main empires/kingdoms:
- The Enorian Empire (Roman/Qin Chinese-inspired great empire, a mix of antiquity and the renaissance with a touch of chinese high culture. (Yeah, sounds weird I know))
- Sierme (A Spanish/English-influenced kingdom, very medieval)
- Yankesh, a floodplain/jungle society inspired by India and Mesopotamia).

These principal powers are surrounded by feudal states (Lankaia, Tsarist Russia-inspired), city aristocracies and republics (Nisen coast, Valletia), Tribal societies (Timurien, Njordar, Pyrai) and a desert culture in the southeast corner.

Would be great if someone could look at it, especially from a geological/climatological point of view, and tell me where I could improve my work.
Thanks a lot in advance and please excuse my writing style, It's late already