Our December Challenge was an unmitigated success--the second largest challenge ever! Perhaps pirate maps have some sort of special meaning to us all (or, maybe in the spirit of Christmas giving we gave each other the gift of map...)

I truly feel sorry for all of us in deciding a winner this month, too, for all the entires were fabulous. Good luck to one and all!

Note that due to the holidays, voting is getting started a bit late, so the polls will be open until January 4, 2008.

Remember the guidelines when you vote:
  • The map should be a cavern and accompanying cave system located by a large body of water, a coastal river, or "space stream" (for sci fi maps)
  • Evidence of now-vanished pirate use must be evident
  • The map may be in any style and depicting any historical era
  • Provide a scale and at least basic labeling
  • The map must be completed in less than four hours (not including planning time)
  • Bonus consideration for mapping the surrounding countryside/nation/continent/sea...
  • Bonus consideration for including the long-lost pirates' legend/story