Here is Bluerock. It was the first non-pencil and paper city/town that I constructed for my current campaign. It was constructed completely in FM8 with Dundjinni and Vintyri images. Although I'm happy with the overall look, there are little areas that make me a bit unhappy. Namely the hillsides/cliffs and the water.

I also posted this so I could use the attachments function and have a reference point for future town and city maps I will undoubtedly create with and without the help, support and ideas I find from all the great artists here.

Background for Bluerock:

Bluerock grew up from adventurers commisisioned by the King of Cragdowns to forge a trail from Cragdown through the Greywind Mountains to the city of Bluevale in the Theocracy of Piraden. After the trail was forged, known as the Stillmeadows Trail, the adventurers settled in the area of Bluerock, after a dwarf of the party by the name of Byam discovered the namesake blue rock in one of the caverns they needed to clear out. The town grew up around the blue rock mining and tile making, when royalty from around the realms took a fancy to the product. The dwarves, ever the capitalists, fashioned the Bluerock causeway [north part of the map], to help highlight both the stunning beauty of the tile and it's durability. The town is guarded by the Blackshield Wall [protected by the famed Blackshields] as well as the Green Guards, who patrol the Stillmeadows Trail and the Blue Guards who act as teh local constabulary and body guards of the town council. Finally, there is an established network of ranger stations set up and manned along the trail that act as guides for caravans, wardens of the forests and, when needed, scouts for the Blackshields and other Cragdown military forces in the area.

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