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Thread: Towns and Waystations along the Stillmeadows Trail

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    Map Towns and Waystations along the Stillmeadows Trail

    Here are the smaller towns [as they lead east from Bluerock towards the city of Stillmeadows along the Trail] that I have used thus far in my group's adventures. I'm getting ready to start the city of Stillmeadows as the players have been champing at the bit....Done, like Bluerock, in FM8 with Dundjinni and Vintyri images.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Barracks of the Green Guard.jpg 
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Name:	Melagro Lake.jpg 
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Name:	Whitebird.jpg 
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Name:	Rogues Hollow.jpg 
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    I for one really like these maps. They are informative and very nicely done. I think you might want to consider making your muddy river texture a bit smaller.But other than that , Very Nice
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    I really like this too. The style is original, albeit it can look a little syntetic someplaces, but it's very nice work altogheter.

    If I where you I would probably try to find a more realistic grass texture, especially on the two first pieces. That is if there is not a thought behind that symetric look.

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