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Thread: Maps commission for CSG Studios

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    Default Maps commission for CSG Studios

    This is the first of ten maps I'll be doing for CSG Studios. It is my first attempt at a new style and I am drawing all the features by hand, which is pretty exciting for me: normally Ido most of my maps by manipulating interesting textures, so this feels more 'artistic.'

    Displayed with watermark, with permission of CSG Studios. The names are all placeholders.

    I would welcome any advice or ideas, as this is a new style for me!
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    The green lettering looks a little vivid, I'd add some gray to the color mix to mute it a bit but that's just a minor thing. The blue seems a little weird, maybe a bit o green in the mix. Illustration-wise I think it looks great.
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    Awesome advice! I'll do both of those things!

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    The map's (comic-)style is awesome. I am looking forward to seeing more maps like this

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    I like the way the font choice adds to the 'cutsey' feel. Definitely with the big A on the bright green. Just a thought, but do you think you should run the labelling of the mountains down the mountain spine? Not sure if it look a bit odd in this context though. I like the cliff edge effect on the mountain coastlines.

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    Wally - I appreciate it! I hope to make a lot more maps like this!

    Ravells - Thanks! As for moving the labeling down the mountain's spine, I would normally do so, but these are for some type of browser-based game and I worry that might make it slightly less easy to read. Thanks for mentioning the cliff effect--apart from that, I feel this this continent looks quite flat. In the next few, I hope to imply more height variations within the actual landmass--ridges, highlands, lowlands, etc.

    I have been really really inspired by some of the isometric-style maps that Torstan and Djekspek (probably my two biggest inspirations on this site) have turned out and, I really want to work in this style more.

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    Damn your awesomeness! Why can everyone draw cool mountains but me?!? *stamps off to practice more*

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    Nice work RE - I knew you must be up to something
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