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Thread: Baziron's HT&T (handdrawn towns and thorpes)

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    Wip Baziron's HT&T (handdrawn towns and thorpes)

    As a I promised in my mapness thread, I'd go and actually post something I drew by hand myself. Since all of the three maps are cities, I thought it would be best that they went here.

    The left one shows the city - the inner city, at least - of Eiganyo, a capitol city in my D&D project. If somebody compares the maps, he would find it strikingly similar to Kyoto... ...which is what I intended. I imagine it as a representative old japanese style city. It's actually only the lower portion, the northern portion is taken up by Shiro Eiganyo (Eiganyo Castle) which hasn't been drawn yet. It will come, but separately. The scale is large, I was thinking something like 90 feet per box (on the grid paper), making all the big lanes roughly 30 ft wide. Smaller passages are always present and would be represented by single lines, but that's yet to be done.

    The middle one shows something I call "the refuge" (also from the same project). It was conceived as an emergency hideout for a lot of people over a short time, thus the small chambers. I'm sorry for not showing any doors. What looks like teeth are supposed to be houses jutting out from the cavern wall/stone/floor.

    The right one shows the town of Eburesh, the player's starting place in the project. I hope it looks halfway sensible, I still must decide on the scale.

    I still have to - and will - do some colouring, some labeling and finally draw in all the buildings.
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    So here's a modified map of Eiganyo - I used photoshop to roughly colour the districts to show what's where and the stars denote special places. I used the SimCity colour scheme (Green: Residential, Blue: Business, Yellow: Industrial).

    I'm still ways from drawing the actual buildings - has nobody any advice on the scale issue?
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    Nice postings! I really enjoy them--especially the far eastern theme (although the actual layout of the mpas themselves does not represent this region--should it?)

    As for scale, what is the issue you are speaking about?
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    I don't really grasp what you mean by the layout representing the far east... but maybe it's this: With Eiganyo, yes, it is F.E. themed (the map itself being loosely based on Kyoto). Eburesh is in the same region, but was build by western immigrants, so to say. And the refuge is in a completely different spot altogether.

    The scale issue is: With Eiganyo, my first guess was that 1 square equals roughly 90 feet - squares being those on the grid paper (which turned invisible, though ). You can still see some +'s at the down end of the map, the space between them is five grid squares.
    I don't know whether that's good or not, but "big" feels right for a city built as the capital. My major worries are misproportionate buildings, and places, should that be too much; and a nutshell of a capitol if it is not enough.

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