I read a post here not too long ago where somebody lamented that his computer skills were better suited to engineering than artistry and I find myself in the same position. Hours of time invested in trying to make maps, even with all the wonderful advice available here, has only increased my skills at a glacial pace. But, I've never shown any artistic talent in the past, so no surprise. I'm making progress with smaller maps, but it is going to be a long time before I can tackle my world map. I'm not getting any younger, so it might be more time than I have.

I'd like a nice world map. I have a lot of source materials, including some primitive maps to work from.

For example, here is the base map:

And here is a map with rough political borders:

There is quite a bit of info in the wiki, so feel free to surf around if you want to get a better feel:


I'd like to end up with a map that merges the physical and political features with a scale sufficient to accommodate the necessary details. I'm not entirely sure what that scale should be. The land area is about 1.5 times the size of the US (including Alaska). There are about 100 nations, some of which are very large and many of which are small (which I have found to be a challenge to deal with, but you probably won't), about 350 major cities that need to be included (I have another map with those locations).

Outside of the physical features and borders I have already laid down, there is a lot of opportunity to be creative. I am very open to different styles - I like most of the professional maps I see. There are many things that need to be added - particularly lakes and rivers and smaller land features. I've got big colored blobs indicating mountains, hills, forests and whatnot, but this is a pretty big land area, so the detail will need to be improved.

Some areas of the world have a great deal of detail. For example, see the History of Clol-Asor, where a portion of the map is used to illustrate the growth of an empire:


Other areas of the world are almost shells, with only the most superficial details.

Pay: I have no idea what you guys normally are paid or how long it might take to make this map, so quote me a price, even if it is a rough one to start with, and we'll see if I balk. This is a hobby and I'm not shy about spending money on hobbies, but there are limits.

Time constraints: None.

Style: I'm pretty open. Show me an example and I'll tell you what I think.

Quality and Size: Again, I am open to suggestions. Something appropriate to the size of the objects on the map.

Copyright: Copyright will be mine, but you are welcome to display in your portfolio if you like.

There is a definite possibility of on-going work here if my expectations on price aren't wildly out of line. Once the world map is done, there are some nations for which I would like to have more detailed maps, so this could turn into a longer term project if there is mutual interest.