So RPMiller sent me over to RPTools forums to upload Witch's Rock and subsequently uploaded other samples of work I've posted here. It turns out my Veilvale type maps were the most popular so I've been creating several wilderness maps for use in MapTool at either 1800 x 2400 pixel or 900 x 1200 pixel at 50 pixels = 5 feet scale.

Since the VTT scale maps are large to post by image link, I'm posting large thumbnails to view here, and links to actual PNG files between 2.1 and 8.2 MB in size.

Box Canyon Oasis - desert terrain, with a spring at end of box canyon. Someone desired a terrain for use in an Athas campaign.

At a suggestion, I created a swamp map - no trees, as would be placed by users of VTT application.

Attempt at a coral reef or offshore area map

box canyon oasis