I was reviewing a lot of the satellite pictures and aircraft pictures that people have linked in this sub forum and I began to feel lost in the enormous scope of them. The pictures capture such large areas that it is difficult to understand what you are seeing, so I look for human constructions to understand the size of things but cannot seem to find much that is useful. Human beings have built these enormous cities that span miles and miles of ground, yet when you take a look at these pictures that show mountain ranges and coast lines they seem to not even be there at all. Yet I am convinced somehow their effect on the geography must be there. Maybe it is a slight shift in color or the absence of one. Maybe it is dirty water or smog? There must be something. To understand this I think I just need to find a really good map with exceptionally high resolution.

Also, contrary to what I thought I knew, it seems that most rivers when viewed from a great distance away are not any kind of blue color, but are somewhere between a brown or a green. Maybe the reason for this is that rivers themselves are rarely visible from great distances, but what is more visible is their effects on the surrounding land.

To search for the images I seek I have been using Google's image search engine and filtered out all images less than 70 MB - although it doesn't seem to really do this since most of the results are around 10 MB. Ideally I think I would like to see detail 10 times this, and I think my computer and internet connection could handle this. I just don't know how I am supposed to find a +100 MB satellite picture of the North American coastline or something similar. Anyone have any ideas?