This month's challenge will take us back to themed challenges similar to the first few presented. It's simple really; design an invitation to a lavish party!

An extremely wealthy merchant is throwing a fantastic party in honor of meeting some exorbitant goal in his merchanting. He has asked his most trusted (and well paid) scribe to create an invitation worthy of the occasion, and insists that it includes a map to his fancy abode.

Your job as challenge participant is to create this map. Whether or not you make the map part of the invitation or even create the invitation in its entirety is up to you, but you must make sure that the map is something that would be "worthy" of the wealthiest merchant around.

  • Create a map that shows travel directions from a major landmark to the wealthy merchant's home;
  • The Merchant's home may be inside or outside an urban area;
  • The map must include at least one major landmark;
  • The format must be worthy of a wealthy merchant;
  • Optional: Provide a copy of the invitation, or integrate map into an invitation

Challenge voting will commence on the 31st of January and the February challenge will begin on the 1st of February as an overlap due to the late start of this month's challenge and the shortness of the month of February.