I've posted this script on the GIMP registry site, and it seems to have gone over well there. I made quite a few changes to the script thanks to some wonderful recommendations there, so I'll post it here as well.

It's a script that will create a brick wall of just about any size. The bricks and mortar can be any color you want. The bricks can be any height and width, and the layer mode can be set to anything. Normal (brickwall) and Overlay (goldwall) produced the two examples in this post. The mortar can be beveled or not. It's a fairly powerful script, but I'm always willing to make some additions.

One person had it freeze up on them one of the gimp-selection-none commands in the script, but I have not been able to replicate that error. Extra bonus points to someone who can, and help me track down why.

The script itself will show up under Filters/SambrookJM, but this can be changed by editing the last line in the script to place it wherever you want it to go in your menu hierarchy. Enjoy!


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