Alright, well. Let's get this over with.

I've never really drawn anything or used any map programs. I just downloaded Campaign Cartographer 3 today, literally this morning before work. You may be asking, "What the hell, who just up and decides to drop 44 USD on a program for something that they've never actually had any interest in? What are you, bonkers?" And to that: Yes, I am. I'm totally out of my mind.

You see, it all started with a hobby... I thought about creating a comprehensive world and as I reached the 7,500 total word count for all my documentation I thought to myself, "Jimmy, you need a map to help you visualize this foolishness." Which lead me on my journey of self-discovery and enlightenment; I discovered ProFantasy and lightened my wallet. See what I did there? I bet you did, you sly devils.

Anyway, hello to you all!