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Thread: Good Mind Mapping Software (free)

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    Default Good Mind Mapping Software (free)

    I've found a really good free mind mapping program and thought I'd pass it on: It's called 'Free Mind'

    I've only scratched the surface of it, but I like what it does so far, particularly in that you barely need to use the mouse.

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    looks promising - and free is almost always a good price
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    I've been using FreeMind for a while, it's absolutely fantastic.

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    Freemind is excellent. I started using it I don't know maybe a year ago to put together a bunch of information for my game world. It's pretty amazing really.

    If you are into writing anything you might want to check out yWriter5 as well. It is also free.

    It is possible there is something better out there but these are the two things I used when I attempted the Nanowrimo challenge last year. That just turned out to be one too many hobbies for me I think.
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    You might also want to look at and I haven't been to in awhile but I have an account there and I liked its ease of use.

    Also, Jaxilon - you can never have too many hobbies, just too many active hobbies.

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    I think this link is kinda neat and relevant to this thread...

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