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    Wip Steamhome

    So the players in my game decided to head due North and then the session wrapped. This decision has forced me to figure out what sort of place would be to the North in a mountain range. I wanted something interesting, so I thought why not something steam-powered and run by Gnomes. I created a giant steam-powered clock based on the steam clock found in Gastown in downtown Vancouver. The first thing I have designed is the side view. There are a few more details to add, but I like the start. Let me know what you think.
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    I like the start too. Welcome to the forums!

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    Very nice, ciaphus. Just a suggestion, but I think it might actually look a lot more effective with no textures in it at all, but in pure black and white 'illustrative style', more like a technical drawing or a Da Vinci technical drawing.
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    Very cool idea. I would second Ravells suggestion about making it a technical style drawing
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    Dang Gnomes! When they going to learn, Fire tube boilers are a good way to be burned alive and scalded to death at the same time! And the Dang things take hours to get up to steam.

    We dwarves no better. We use monotube flash boilers. Far lass water getting heated at once, and if the system ruptures its all contained in the fire box, which puts out the fire.
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