Greetings to you, fellow cartographers.
I am a Norwegian man, vintage 1989 and I've been writing fiction since 2000, yes, since I was eleven years of age. Mostly I've done fantasy fiction, and I've got a project that takes place on the same planet that my older brother and also my best friend write their projects in. I've had a passion for maps since I was a kid and realized how I could find my geographic position in this vast world and also map out my path to another interesting location.
Maps have mostly been a passion to study and get lost in, but now I've started making them myself.
I attend a media school, and I'm currently equipped with the latest Adobe Master Collection for my work at school, something I also indulge in on my spare time.
The maps I draw myself are mostly based on my fantasy fictions, and I use brushes provided by the hearty folk over at, some might even hail from here and the brushes they share has really helped me get my maps correct.
As far as I know I'm not into sharing maps of my own world as I consider them somewhat classified, childish, yes but I'm very protective of whats mine.

If I create maps out of any personal context I'll be happy to share them with you.

unrelated: I also like hiking, working out, playing video games, and photography.
My deviantart account is

also visit for my deviantart portfolio. Thank you for reading, have a good one.