OK, I've finally got the basic Free RPG Maps website setup. I've delayed in officially opening the site for lack of a forum available, but I just got that set up today, this morning.

Free RPG Maps Community Forum

You might notice that the Forum button on the home page isn't linked to the forum yet, because I want it properly setup before I activate the button.

I need Category suggestions, among other things to get this Forum setup proper.

My thoughts: there is a General Discussion already setup in default forum setup, but I need more categories.

I'm thinking:
Map Tile Designs as one category, a place to put up polls for next months map tile design. A place for map tile suggestions to be placed.

Subscriber Priviledges - might be another category with an explanation on what benefits subscribers gain from Free Map add-on to basic Endless Terrain Battlemap set for each month, a Point System to offer custom map tile designs to subscribers.

What other categories do you suggest?