This is the ruined village, only known as the Garden Shrine, as it has long been abandoned. The PC party will be making this their first rest stop, while trying to escape Lord Hachiwara' wrath. A posse of samurai, including my alternate class, Yojimbo is after the party. The merchant they are escorting will be killed by his own daughter - not yet know to the party but is a ghost, and will latch onto a party member afterward.

The merchant and his daughter will be sleeping in the Old Mill, Site 3a. The PC party will most likely be sleeping in the ruined garden shrine. All other buildings are essentially collapsed in ruin.

This is hand-drawn, digitally scanned, then colored, beveled and drop shadowed in Xara Xtreme Pro 4. I used my same old hand-drawn tree objects to place this village ruin in the forest of Oniba.



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