The RPGtonight online living game playtests are getting into full swing with several games every week now. We have 9 GMs with a few admins acting as extras when needed, and we've decided we need more players (though we won't turn you away if you are interested in being a GM). itself is a virtual tabletop site; The VT is free and works in your browser.

This is the second round of playtesting for a unique online tabletop style "living game," that began in January and will run for several months. The living game is a persistent "sandbox" world where multiple GMs and dozens of players all play and interact within the same game world. It is quite a bit different from traditional living games like Living Greyhawk. The GMs, as well as the players, play the game, taking the part of noble houses who must hire adventuring parties of players to accomplish their goals and fight a menacing evil that is slowly rising up to threaten their kingdom - GMs can also occasionally become players in the admins' or other GM's games. It's like an an MMO done tabletop style. If interested please take a look at the information on the main page of our site ( ) and in the Living Game Information and Recruitment section of our message boards. Free rules sets are emailed to GMs and players promptly.

Game times depend on the schedules of the GMs and the players. The playtests use the D&D 4e system, simply because that is what most people in the world are playing right now.