Hi everyone,

I'm new here and relatively so to CC3 and DD3. I've been working on a 2 story Inn in DD3 and am wondering what is the best way to represent multiple floors on a map. Take for example this map of Tendril's Oak Inn from the Cartographer's Annual. I really like how he shows the scenery outside the Inn on the map and he links to another map with the other floors. If you show the second floor on the same map, it really doesn't make sense to show the scenery, since the second floor will have to sit to the side of the first floor, covering up neighboring structures. So the obvious solution is to create a linked map and only show one floor per map.

So if we now have maps of both the first and second floors, we need to have the same copy of the scenery in the background (possibly). This now is starting to sound like the kinds of issues I have to deal with as a professional web designer. We need a master background shared between 2 files. I'd love to hear how everyone else deals with this issue or with multiple floors in general.