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    Default Haixian - a small fishing village...

    Hi all,
    Been away for quite a while thanks to work and a bad bout with the flu and life generally getting in the way. I've got a few commissions going but haven't made a lot of progress lately. Lost my mapping mojo or something. Anyway, here's a little side project I started to hopefully kickstart myself.

    So, this is Haixian - a small coastal fishing village near my campaign world's city Haibianr. I haven't put a lot of thought into it really but I've been thinking I'd like to feature a fishing village in a future adventure - this brought on after watching Wild China's bit on a pretty interesting one in our world's China. I had been thinking of something involving a dragon of some sort and some sort of millennial visit. Recently been getting into Call of Cthulhu, however, and have just reread Shadow Over Innsmouth. Maybe the folks that live here have "that Haixian look" or something. Reckon I gotta have the Deep Ones in my world somewhere, after all...

    This started in RPG Citymap Generator and then went to PS. Still working on all of it but this rough has the basics. Most of the roofs (stand-in texture at the moment) will likely be some sort of thatching (seaweed and dung is apparently authentic). Trying to build up the impression of a rocky cliffside with one "get down" toward the middle, where most of the boats put in. Will add lots of doo-dads like gardens and walls once I get the basics in there.

    Probably work on this one intermittently, however, as I have my adventure and several maps for others to get done. Just wanted to drop in, say hi, and share some WIP. Comments and suggestions are most welcome! Missed you kids...
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