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Thread: WIP--City map

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    Post WIP--City map

    It has been a tremendously long time since my last post. I have not had much time to devote to mapmaking of late. Anyway, I thought I would post the little bit of work I managed to complete recently. What is shown is a rough division of city districts that surround a city castle as well as the city castle itself. Any thoughts or comments are certainly welcome.
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    Pretty cool.
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    Neat start, looking forward to seeing more.
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    Looks good. I always get a kick out of maps with a clearly denoted "Thieves Quarter" I realize that if the map is for game use it would help to know the approximate locations of prominent thieves and fence locations and such. It's just that it's kind of funny that a cartographer would put that on a map. It's kind of bad for tourism after all...
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    Interesting comment about the labels. These labels are all quick notes for me ( the map-maker ) and likely will be altered or removed once the map is more completed. I do like the idea of having a department of tourism though. ; )

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    Just a little thought about neighborhoods placement. I find it a bit strange that an industrial quarter would be so close to the nobles estates, wizards labs and the palace and so far from the artisans quarter and the warehouses... Wouldn't it be more logical to switch the temple and the industrial quarter ?

    Going further with that idea, it would seem normal to then switch the wizards and the (new) temple. Wizards play with powerful yet dangerous powers and it would seem appropriate to put them as close to the wall as possible (if not on the other side of the wall ). This way the temple would be closer to the nobles estates and the palace, making it easier for the ruler to attend religious ceremonies without going through the whole town (an idea which his personal guard would probably approve)...

    My two cents Anyway, nice job !
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    All good suggestions!!!!! really appreciate the feedback!

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    Just to say I really love the clarity of design and the 'stacking' of roofs to show taller buildings. I may have to borrow this style for one of my future city maps, it's a beauty.

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    That is very cool. My only comment right now is, "Please finish this".
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