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Thread: Free RPG Maps site - Now Open!

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    Default Free RPG Maps site - Now Open!

    Free RPG Maps Website Now Open! is dedicated to providing professionally designed Terrain Map Tiles in sets of four double side printed 11 x 17 inch battlemaps with heavy duty lamination providing an endless array of terrain layouts for every use. Each month we will be providing 2 free map designs that match the current Endless Terrain Battlemap sets as PDF downloads from our forum page - I already have the first free map design that matches the current month's offer of Heavy Woods.

    Visit the website, read through the various offers and go to the Forum page (signup required) to download your free map. Make sure to visit every 2 weeks as a new free map download will be available.

    Of course the free maps are designed to correspond with the current month's battlemap set.

    Subscribers to the program will receive a complete 4 piece set of Endless Terrain Battlemaps plus both free map designs printed and laminated included with your monthly order. Only subscribers get the bonus maps printed with the set.

    You can still order the current Endless Terrain Battlemaps as a single product order without having to subscribe, however only subscribers get the bonus maps included.

    Subscription rates include shipping prices to US locations, Canada and International with the base set costing only $19.95 each. When ordering you must select which shipping option fits your needs.

    The Forum page is completely setup, but for the time being I am still building the FAQ page for it. Please be considerate if posting on the site as if you were here at the Cartographers' Guild, I intend to maintain the same level of civility as the CG.

    I hope you become a subscriber to the productline, even if you do not please download the free map as benefit to all RPG gamers.

    Also check out the various polls in the Map Design board as we will be looking at the possibility of offering other Endless Terrain Battlemap sets if the interest is there - vote on the Polls to help us decide if we should do this. You can even vote on which map terrain design you'd like to see in the next 3 months. Also visit the Map Design Suggestion board to post your thoughts on the kind of maps you want designed and available.

    If you'd like to help support Free RPG Maps new site, attached is a banner you can post on your site or blog.

    Check it out - tell where I can improve the site and service for you!

    Michael K. Tumey (aka: GP)

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Best of luck, my friend. You work so hard - you deserve it.
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    Congrats on the site. I went over registered, and posted an introduction and everything seems to have worked just fine.

    Now you will put to the test, "If you build it, they will come".
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    Hurray! I have a forum member! Thank, Jax. I will be promoting this hard starting tomorrow, hopefully we can increase membership.

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    Note the free map download comes as a 100 ppi, 11 x 17 full bleed JPG sliced into a 6 piece printable PDF file - either square or hex grid. We also have 100 ppi and 50 ppi JPG 11 x 17 files for use in Virtual Terrain applications. So everyone is served.

    You have to sign up to the forum to download the free map. Feel free to introduce your self in the introduction thread.

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    Default Virtual Terrain application version of Endlesss Terrain Battlemaps now available

    Announcing a Virtual Terrain application version of the subscription to include 8 maps + 2 bonus maps (10 total) on a monthly subscription for $1.95 per month. We've had several prospective customers ask me to provide a VT version of the subscription, so now that is active.

    Plus I found an error in the print subscription that didn't allow you to select grid type - 1 inch square, 1 inch hex or no grid, but now has been updated for that.

    Please visit the site and download your free map!

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    Default 10 Free Map Objects

    Just to include more free stuff due to lack of content, being the first month and all. I decided to add 10 free map object downloads. As a 2 page letter size PDF, and 10 each 100 ppi PNG files with Alpha Transparency in Zip file. Both are 2.5 MB downloads. [I should make a PDF at A1 (?) European standard.]

    Got a thumbnail of all the objects, and I've added 3 objects at 100 ppi PNG format.

    Visit the Free RPG Maps Community Forum, look in the top board you'll see the thread with the downloads.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Campfire, partially covered pit trap, and a natural spring.

    Name:  campfire.png
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Name:	pit-partial-cover.png 
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ID:	34244Click image for larger version. 

Name:	spring.png 
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    Wow those are awesome Can't beat the price either

    *Edit* Just a note the link seems to be broken.
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    Thanks, Jtougas - I missed adding an "s" in the link pointing to the right file. I had map-object.pdf and, when they should have been 'map-objects'. My goof in the original post - I need to get better at this coding thing.

    Both links work now.

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    Several potential customers have asked if I could provide single purchase options in addition to the subscription offer. With the addition of several new product lines, rather than endless Paypal buttons scattered across the site, I felt the easiest way to accomodate single purchases and multiple product offers was to create an online store with full shopping cart - so that's what I've just created.

    Check out the Free RPG Maps Online Store today!

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