So we've had a lot of different map challenges that fit the rpg mapping segment. So we thought that it would be nice to see some different maps this time around. And since a lot of people started talking about the train board game challenge (not on the guild) we decided that a game board would be nice to "map".

So this months challenge is to make a game board. People wanting to do the train project are welcome to use that as their entry here as well, but any type of game board in any setting is allowed.
You don't have to write down rules for the game, but hints of how to play will probably be appreciated by everybody.

So grab your drawing implement and start making that board game, we don't care if its a game of strategy, finance, war, peace, bouncy bubbles or carrots. It can be ancient, modern or sci-fi (no ripping arms off if you loose though).
You can make it for kids, adults, redheads, dogs or aliens - just as long as you make something cool

And remember - challenge closes at 27th of march - so get to it

Good luck