Hello guys ! Been a long time !

Here is a map I drawn in the process of creating a new fantasy world I intend to use in several projects I have. It's purely pen & paper for now and I hesitate about which way to take it : sticking to p&p or going digital, if so what style to use,...

So I thought I'd let you see it and comment/criticize it. Maybe it'll help me make the best choices possible...

The world is an island called Haute-Terre (High-Land) which is rather small (about 300 km from west to east and the same from north to south). It has four major human cities plus a dwarven underground city, a few towns, two major mountain masses and two major forests.

Well, I let you take a look at it, we'll talk about it afterwards ;-)

PS : Bonjour à la communauté francophone ! Nous n'étions pas aussi nombreux la dernière fois que je suis passé par ici

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