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Thread: CC3 Documentation

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    Question CC3 Documentation

    If you are a CC3 user, I need your input. If you've tried CC3 or CC2 Pro and couldn't make headway with it, I need your input, too.

    This mission I've accepted from the folks at Profantasy is to create documentation for CC3 that informs and enhances a user's experience. The Essentials Guide that comes with the software is just a bare minimum to get folks started. My question to you all is, what did you want to know after the Essentials Guide?

    Some of the topics I've gotten so far are
    1) How to scale maps-- pulling a section out of a world map and creating regional maps
    2) More details on the Effects
    3) More details on how to work with a CAD program
    4) More details on using Editing tools
    5) Creating macros to perform mapping functions, such as hiding/showing sheets and changing views
    6) Creating custom drawing tools
    7) Creating symbols using your art

    What roadblocks did you encounter trying to create your maps that a better explanation/tutorial would have resolved for you?

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    For me a little more indeppth info of all of the above. Not all of us are totally understanding of some terms etc (i.e. especaiily sheets & effects).

    I'll get back to you with more info of some of the things I had to figure out myself that wasn't fully explained.
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    I went ahead and made this thread sticky so that others will find it easily. I'll unstick it once you have gathered a good amount of data.
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    Hi, I've been lurking for quite a while, first time poster...

    I always have trouble with the trim/break/and node features and would appreciate some help with those.

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    I'm pretty new to CC3, having only created a couple of maps so far. Note that I've also never used a previous version of the software, so I hope I'm your target audience.

    My main interest is in dungeon design (DD3), so my suggestions may be biased in that direction. I've figured most of this stuff out on my own, but it would have been *really* nice to have had the answers in a nice convenient book. Still, here are a few documentation suggestions:

    1) How does one inspect the properties of an element on the map?

    2) How does one work with symbol catalogs? What's the deal with the "master filter" thingie, and how does it impact which symbols you see? (A particularly useful question after you install the additional Symbol Sets).

    3) How does one adjust and manipulate the grid, particularly when we intend to print or display the map as a battlemap?

    4) Creating symbols of one's own... I know you've already got this one, but I'd like to suggest covering areas such as: making symbols "smart" (and what exactly that means, and how "smart" symbols work), and what the implications of putting them in certain or sheets layers are.

    5) How are the default settings for layers and sheets intended to be used? Meaning - why do things work the way they do out-of-the-box, and why would you want to change them.

    Other than these, it's probably a good idea to wade through these and other forums looking for "how do I..." questions, but I suspect you've already done that.

    One other thing you might want to do is add a section on techniques. For example, I've used some CAD software before, so I learned pretty quickly that it's a better idea to sketch my maps on paper ahead of time. Now, some people may disagree with me (I am a newbie after all), but I have a hard time believing that CC3 is design software. A buddy of mine who's also using CC3 for the first time (and is a former Dundjinni user) kept butting heads with the software trying to move things and around and make major changes in the middle of map before I suggested doing pre-design on graph paper.

    Okay, that's my $0.02... hope at least some of this is helpful.

    And, good luck on your noble quest! I'm looking forward to reading what you come up with.

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    I've recently upgraded from CC2pro to CC3 and the number one roadblocks has been Sheets and Effects, mostly effects and having a tutorial on these would greatly be appreciated.

    An in-depth tutorial on symbols, symbol creation and editing would also be high on my priority list.

    Thanks for asking and making a great product better
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    This is all good stuff. Thank you all for your contributions and please keep them coming.

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    What I'd like to know more about is how to get a map design made into a useful printable tile of sorts with a 1" for every 5' ratio to use for miniatures. I got this to work with my last D&D campaign by tediously setting up the window view of a portion of my map, and printing off the existing view, but there's got to be a better way.

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    Just Installed CC3 for the first time and it is a first time for me doing anything like this so I will get back to you once I fiddle around a bit
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    First time I've really been to this forum and was intending on looking around for help of this sort, actually. I've seen and heard that city maps can be done with CC3 but have no idea how to start. I find it difficult to use many of the tools such as sculpting rivers the way you want them to look (even with sketch since erasing seems impossible without deleting the whole thing) to the creation of individual buildings on a map. I think it'd be great to start a world map that I could zoom in on a particular city and see say, The Griffonwing tavern along the port next to John's shoestore.

    I've pretty much got the hang of the basic click and drop for terrain, roads, and symbols but that's it.

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